Learning to drive can be a daunting prospect. Choose the wrong instructor and you could quickly lose confidence in your abilities. At Genesis Driving Academy, we want you to not just have confidence in yourself but in our ability to teach you in an environment that is safe, supportive, professional yet stress-free and enjoyable.

Read some of the feedback we’ve received from previous learners, below.


Learning to drive can be a daunting prospect. Choose the wrong instructor and you could quickly lose confidence in your abilities. At Genesis Driving Academy, we want you to not just have confidence in yourself but in our ability to teach you in an environment that is safe, supportive, professional yet stress-free and enjoyable.

Read some of the feedback we’ve received from previous learners, below.

Ken Wilson Best instructor Highly recommend

Ken Wilson is an amazing driving instructor, and he is a lovely man personally ,I was struggling to find out driving instructor and luckily got to know about him one of my friends , I failed few times because of nervous to drive during the test and I was disappointed/frustrated myself , He/you always supported/motivated me patiently and re-building my confidence teaching good techniques to pass the test .

Finally, He’s a very honest and down to earth man who just wants you to be safe when driving on the road…I Would recommend Ken 100% , I will never forget you in my life. Thank you very much Ken for your all help.



I’ve just passed my driving test today. 1st time with only two minor faults.
Thank u so much Ken for teaching me , being patient with me..I strongly recommend Ken as an instructor.
He is an expert..just listen to him follow his instructions and u will pass and be a good driver
I really appreciate ur efforts and I am so happy to know u.


Great 👍

Would definitely recommend Ken 100%
He gave me the tools I needed to pass first time
Thank you Ken


Ken of Genesis Driving is a 5 star instructor

Ken is a great driving instructor. He is a lovely man and put my son at ease. He had failed twice before so lost a lot of confidence, but Ken rebuilt that confidence and showed him some great techniques in order to drive better. We will use him again, when my next son turns 17.


Ken- Best instructor out there.

Ken, he is the best instructor I have had. He gave me tips for each manoeuvre that I was struggling on and it made it so much easier to do. He is so laidback and easy to talk to and he is so knowledgable on driving. Would recommend him any day.


Highly recommend

Passed my driving test first time thanks to Ken. He was encouraging and patient. He taught me lots of tips and tricks that made learning to drive a lot easier. I highly recommend!


Fantastic automatic instructor!

Yesterday I passed my automatic test first time with only four faults. I am 37 so had left learning to drive relatively late in life and was quite nervous to start with. I cannot recommend Ken highly enough. He immediately put me at ease and has exactly the right balance of patience, constructive criticism and praise. He explained very clearly the areas I needed to work on, and made sure I was completely ready for the test. He’s a thoroughly nice chap and I’m very grateful for his teaching 🙂



I just passed my driving test today. I want to say a massive thank you to Sham (now retired) and Ken. Two of the nicest people I’ve met, they were so patient with me and put me at such ease when teaching me to drive. I feel confident to go out on my own now with all the knowledge they have passed on to me. Thank you so much, 100% recommend to everyone looking to learn to drive!

Scott Cooper

Worth it

Had Ken teach me. Great instructor. Sometimes a little unclear but I learned a lot each lesson. Worth the money


The very best

I passed my test at 80 thanks to Ken.He showed patients humour and very clear instruction.Ken put he’s self out more than he needed Manny thanks

Ken is so lovely, he really does make lessons enjoyable

Ken is an amazing, calm, very reassuring driving instructor. I was a very nervous driver but he was so patient with me, He was really great to talk to and comforting to drive with! I passed first time! Genesis driving academy is by far the best 🙂 Would highly recommend 😊


Best instructor

Best driving instructor around. Never gets angry and makes you feel very calm and at ease, helped me pass first time! Would definitely recommend


Brilliant instructor

Ken is a brilliant instructor very patient and understanding always puts you at ease would highly recommend


Great instructor

Ken is a great instructor, he gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test first time. He pays attention to all those small details and would be honest with you. I totally recommend him.


Fabulous driving school.

Ken is an amazing instructor, with the patience of a Saint. Very calm and patient I’ve had other instructors but Ken is the best by far. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wishing to learn in an automatic car.


Ken is a great instructor – I highly recommend!

Ken is a great instructor, I felt very safe and comfortable learning to drive with him, scheduling lessons and communication was easy! He was great as building my confidence alongside skill. I started learning before Covid but then had to wait a whole year to get a new test date. So I did a few extra lessons about a week or so before my test, and I just passed today! Very pleased! Thanks Ken!


Genesis driving academy automatics

I thought I left to late at 68 but Ken’s calm and patient manner got me through my test first time
Would highly recommend Ken



Ken was an excellent instructor, really accommodating and kind! He kept me calm on the day of my test and was super encouraging. Passed first time, would highly recommend!


Amazing experience

Ken is fantastic and it was very easy to learn to drive with him. Always careful and explaining from top to bottom. Will recommend to my friends and anyone who wants to pass the test.


Best instructor ever!!

After 5-6 months of driving lessons I have just passed my test with only 4 minors. Ken has always been so kind and patient – he really is the best driving instructor in Oxfordshire. He has given me so much confidence. I could not recommend Ken enough, thank you!!


Third Instructor Lucky

Ken was recommended to me by a friend, having had 2 previous instructors and failing my test 4 times, I lost all confidence in driving. Ken was fantastic, he is encouraging and constructive and helped me build confidence and drive intuitively in a very short amount of time. He was amazingly accomodating for my needs and I passed having only had 4 lessons with him. I would definitely recommend.


The best instructor out there- passed first time after 17 hours of lessons.

Ken is not only a wonderful instructor who explains and demonstrates things clearly and effectively to make learning simple, he is also the kindest, most patient man and I always looked forward to our lessons.
I had tried two other instructors before and there was always something missing. I saw driving as something to be tolerated but not enjoyed. It always felt really difficult to me and definitely out of my reach!
Learning with Ken couldn’t have been more different- it was such an enjoyable experience AND I passed my test first time and with only one minor fault after only 17 hours of lessons.
It was an absolute joy to learn with Ken and I will be forever grateful to him for helping me pass my test so quickly and confidently.
I had almost given up on the idea of driving and thought I’d left it too late (28) however I am so happy I tried again.
I would recommend Ken to absolutely anyone, from eager teenagers to those nervous and/ or more mature.


Passed, amamzing feeling!

I was not at all a confident driver. This instructor Mr Ken was very patient, friendly, calm and most importantly knowledgeable and effective. I have passed and feel great. A new adventure starts, thank you Ken, I have had other instructors. But I have learnt that having an experienced instructor can make a massive difference. Farhana Khan


You have tried the rest now try the best!

Absolutely fantastic! After going with numerous instructors I can say Ken is definitely the best. I would use five words to describe him and his service. 1.fantastic, 2.brilliant, 3. Amazing 4.friendly and 5. Outstanding. Ken got me passed first time and if you are a nervous driver he will get you to the point of being confident! He is an absolute gem and I will miss our driving lessons however I have definitely gained a friend for life! Thanks so much ken I owe you a million!


A big thank you to Ken of Genesis Automatic

A big thank you to Ken of Genesis Automatic for believing in me and telling me that I can pass my test, he was patient and calming and explained my mistakes and praised me when I got things right. Passed my test with 3 minors today on my second attempt not bad for an old lady. Ken is a lovely man a real gentlemen will miss my lessons with him but I have gained a friend for life. I would recommend Ken to anyone that wants to learn to drive in an automatic if your nervous or have no belief in yourself he will put you at ease and you will grow in confidence, and like me you will pass your test and be as proud as punch, and this is all down to Ken. Thank you Ken your amazing. Elaine


Highly recommended!

I can’t recommend Ken and Genesis Automatic highly enough. From the first lesson through to the driving test Ken was always calm, encouraging and supportive no matter how the lesson was progressing. As Ken is such an experienced instructor he easily notices areas you need to work on and tailors lessons around this as well as the areas you want to focus on too. As a new Mum I was nervous about starting to learn to drive but needn’t have been concerned at all and passed first time thanks to Ken’s support. If you’re thinking of learning to drive an automatic then definitely book with Genesis.


Simply The Best !

Think you are too old to learn to drive ? Well you aren’t, especially if you have Ken as your Instructor. For many reasons I put off learning to drive until I was 50. From the very first lesson Ken planted the seed that I could do it. He encouraged me to keep going, was relentlessly cheerful despite my sometimes diabolical driving and he never gave up on me. He sees every little thing you are doing wrong and then helps you correct it. He never raises his voice or gets cross, he is kind, calm, encouraging and professional. He pushes you out of your comfort zone to help you progress but he never asks you to do anything unless he thinks you are ready. He helps you to be a great driver, a safe driver, a considerate driver, not just someone who can get through a test. Today I passed my test first time with zero faults. I will be forever grateful to Ken for helping me achieve the seemingly unachievable, I cannot recommend him highly enough. I suggest you ring him to book your lessons now!


Passed first time

Ken was an excellent driving instructor, would highly recommend, passed first time cant recommend enough


SHAM was a fantastic instructor

SHAM was a fantastic instructor, taking me from complete novice to passing my test and helping me at every stage. He is a very knowledgeable, well experienced and confident instructor taught me all the moments how to become an assured driver and pass the test. I couldn’t recommend SHAM highly enough. Thank you so much. A from Buckingham


Excellent Driving School and Instructor!

After going through lessons with many driving schools, Genesis was the first school who made me a confident driver. I am very happy and satisfied with all the instructions and help I had from Ken.Ken is an excellent driving instructor who prepared me not just for the test but also to be a confident driver. Ken is very friendly and he is always flexible in terms of booking sessions. Thank you Ken for all your help and support, I would not have passed my exam without your training. I would highly recommend Ken without a doubt!


Passed 1st time

Cant thank ken enough for helping me through my driving journey. I have tried other instructors before hand and my confidence was shattered, this was my final chance at giving driving ago and im glad i did it. Ken pushed me even tho i had no confidence in myself and i passed first time and i still cant believe i did it!!! A great calm driving instructor!!


I passed, finally!

I had been learning to drive for 3 years before I started learning with Ken. I had two different Instructors, who both ruined my confidence and told me I was not very good. When I switched to automatic I felt like it was my last chance to learn & if I could not learn with Ken I would not learn at all. A year later, and I’m pleased to say I passed today on my first test! Ken made me calm when I wasn’t & made me believe in myself when I didn’t. I could not recommend him more. Especially if you’re a nervous driver like me. Thank you!


Passed First Time

I have just passed my driving test first time thanks to the excellent tuition of Ken, cannot thank him enough. If anyone is looking for a driving instructor i highly recommend him. His calm teaching method puts you at ease from day one.


First time pass with Ken and Genesis Driving Academy!

Having tried to learn to drive on a number of occasions (with different instructors/companies) in the past, I approached this attempt with low expectation. I was very quickly made to feel at ease and comfortable, giving me the confidence to continue with lessons. At the end of the first lesson I knew that I could, and would, pass my test with Genesis Driving Academy.

Ken’s professional, experienced, and patient approach to teaching enabled me to develop my skills quickly and gain confidence to be on the road. Whilst I was not 100% sure that I was ready for my test after just 3 months, Ken encouraged me to go for it as he had faith in my ability and believed I could do it!

Not only do I now hold a full drivers licence and the skills to drive safely and responsibly, but I have gained a new friend to whom I am eternally grateful for helping me achieve this milestone.


First Time Pass

I passed first time with 1 minor thanks to Ken. Really good instruction on how you can be the best driver possible. Thank you!


Fantastic Experience

Fantastic Experience – KEN was extremely patient and calming, Aside from his supreme knowledge and command of the road he’s actually a great Gentleman too and really wants those that drive with him to succeed and become great safe drivers!

He’s a knowledgeable, kind and experienced instructor. He helped me get rid of decades of bad habits at driving and become a safe driver.

He was flexible in accommodating my working days as well as huge support when driving to the test center. I can highly recommend KEN for a positive and safe driving experience.


First Time Pass with Ken!

I’m still over the moon at having passed my test first time with the help of my amazing instructor Ken. I could not have asked for a better instructor. He has a very calm, encouraging and you-can-do-it demeanour. I found it very relaxing; I actually started enjoying the drive which I thought I’ll never do. He’s patient and determined to help me evolve into a safe and a confident driver. As well as doing the technical part of his job really well, he was great at giving me the morale boost and pep talks during the lessons. His passion for the job is clear and he genuinely cares about those he instructs to become safe drivers. he had full confidence that I will pass and I was super excited when I did pass in my first try with only 3 minors. All thanks to his wonderful teaching. Highly recommended driving instructor in Bicester and Oxfordshire area.


Can’t thank Ken enough!

Ken is a brilliant driving instructor. I was a very nervous learner, and having already failed twice, I was convinced that I was never going to pass my test before I started lessons with Ken. However, within the first hour of instruction, he had pinpointed what my main problems were, and thanks to his flexible approach, infinite patience, and knowledge of exactly when I would be ready to take the test, I improved hugely and passed on my first attempt with him. I really can’t thank you enough, Ken!


Amazing Instructor

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to pass my test second time. Your driving experience was valuable from the beginning in making me feel at ease and confident in my abilities to drive the best I can.


The best around Oxfordshire

My husband passed his driving test with Genesis Driving Academy, husband mentioned how professional, calm and patient the instructor was towards him. Now on I recommend this company to people I work with at the care home.

Mrs T Moodie

Excellent Instructor

My son passed his driving test today. After being messed around and let down by his 1st instructor just before his test. Ken took him on and helped him progress very quickly. He is a calm patient instructor and my son said he teaches you to drive safely as well. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this driving school and we have done so already.


Great Driving

Hi ! My name is George Dumitrache and Ken Wilson was my instructor. Professional instructor, I have learned so much from him over our lessons. Good value for money and lots of patience from him ! Passed all the exams and now I have much to learn on the roads !
Thank you very much Ken and Genesis Academy !


Brilliant instructor

I had an instructor at the AA and they literally shouted at me so much that every lesson I had created me to be nervous and panicked! Then I met Ken. He is the most friendly and calm guy I know and helped me to pass. Without Ken I would still be learning and still panick when driving but his brilliant advice and lessons helped me to be a safe and relaxed driver. I would not recommend anyone else other than Ken. He is brilliant and will always be thankful to him for being brilliant and making me a good driver. Thank you Ken!


Excellent and Patient Driving Instructor

Because I had a deadline to pass my exam or face the consequence of doing over my theory test, I needed a driving instructor who could work with me to achieve this. I searched and mulled over the driving instructors in Bicester and eventually I chose Genesis Driving Academy because of their great reviews on Yell. However, I was still a bit nervous based upon my husband’s experience with 3 driving instructors in the London area.
I am most happy to say as soon as I met Ken, he put me at ease. I explained my situation and goal and he vowed to work with me to achieve this. I started lessons in the middle of May and he worked tirelessly with me to get ready for my exam on June 17th, 2017. He is a dedicated professional who coaxes the best out of his pupils and emphasises safety! Even though I made silly mistakes, he never once shouted at me or made me feel inadequate as a driver. And as you’d expect from someone this good, I passed my test on the first try. Thank you again Ken!


Passed First time!

Excellent driving instructor! Patient, and very informative. I didn’t have a lot of time to pass my test as I had a deadline, but it wasn’t a problem. Thanks Ken!


Fantastic academy for learning to drive

Thorough lessons, don’t just make you pass your test but also make you a good driver. Passed with Ken first time with one minor, had great fun in the process. Fully recommend to anyone.


Amazing instructors!

I found Sham from Genesis Driving Academy after I had already gone through 2 driving instructors, I felt defeated after not progressing very much with my previous instructors, then I met Sham! Before I found him I was anxious, I lacked confidence and I felt like I was a terrible driver. Well Sham changed all of that! After my very first lesson with him my confidence had doubled! He taught everything in such simplistic ways that made it so easy to learn, and always pushed me to do better, and that was what really made the difference in my driving. And what do you know, I passed my driving test with only 1 minor!! He always had confidence in me and knew I could do it, he transformed my driving. I recommend Sham 100%! I couldn’t have passed my test without him!


Passed the driving test

Thanks for Mr. Sham, he is a super good trainer, professional and good cooperation! He helps me to improve my driving skills with his good experience!


Pass at first try!

I never thought I would have passed my test at first try. I was over the moon when I was told that I had passed. I must thank Sham for his patience with me. He corrected my mistakes and repeated the important basics to me so that I would not forget. He built up my confidence in driving. Thank you so much, Sham!



Ken is a fantastic, smooth and calm driving instructor, I wouldn’t want anyone else after being in the car with him.
He helped along the way and I passed first time.
I will be definitely advising freinds and family to use Genesis.
Cheers Ken


Highly recommend

I highly recommend this driving school. I have passed my driving test! Ken will teach you to be a safe driver for life and not just so you pass your test. He is great at understanding how you learn and is very patient especially if like me you get stressed and angry if you don’t understand something. Even if it takes you a while to understand and learn Ken won’t give up on you! 🙂


I passed!!!

I’ve just passed my driving test thanks to Ken! Ken is a great driving instructor. I left driving to my late 30’s and was very nervous, but Ken put me at ease and made driving simple for me. I highly recommend learning with Genisis!


Absolutely fantastic

Where do i start… First of all, THANK YOU to Ken! Absolutely brilliant driving academy to go with. I had been let down by so many places for an intensive driving course, but then Ken got in contact, and even though he was filled up, he still tried his hardest to fit me in for lessons even if it meant he wasn’t able to go home for a break. Ken has helped me an amazing amount and supported me to whole way. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. I highly recommend Genesis, hands down!! Thanks to Ken, i passed! Over the moon with Genesis!


amazing guy KEN

Can not thank Ken enough for getting my daughter through her test, he was more than accommodating and made her feel very relaxed. He was very patient and will be sending my son-in-law his way next month too. Many thanks


GREAT SERVICE! Fantastic driving instructor

Ken is a brilliant driving instructor! Very experienced, professional, supportive, encouraging and punctual. It was a great time! Ken made me feel comfortable in any way. My driving skills were definitely improved! Everything was always explained clearly! There was never any confusion or misunderstanding! Great service and I very recommend Ken as a fantastic teacher!


Great experience

Ken is a brilliant driving instructor! Very experienced, professional, supportive, encouraging! It was a great time! Ken made me feel comfortable in any way. My driving skills were definitely improved! Everything was always explained clearly and simply! There was never any confusion or misunderstanding! Also Ken really teaches how to drive safely which is the most important part of the driving! Even my husband was impressed with my driving:-) Great service and I very recommend Ken as a fantastic teacher!


Just Passed!!

Thank you so much to both Sham and Ken. Both amazing instructors who made my driving lessons fun, relaxed and comfortable. From my very first lesson I felt at ease and my confidence grew with all they taught me. Highly recommended. Thank you!!


Excellent driving instructor

Ken is an excellent instructor with precidence and perfection. Very good, instructs and direct very well.
Teaches to drive with confidence and safety. I cannot thank Ken enough passed my driving test first time with ony 4 minors.
Incidently my first driving without Ken was to pic up my car from Nottingham and drove on the M1 for my first motoway driving.
Thanks Ken for giving me the confidence


Thank You

Thank you to Sham and Ken for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to pass my test. Your driving experience was valuable from the beginning in making me feel ease and build confidence in my abilities to drive. I was very nervous to begin with but Sham and Ken made me feel comfortable from my first lesson.


Couldn’t recommend enough

Ken and Sham are amazing. I couldn’t recommend using them to learn to drive enough. I passed first time with only 1 minor! They have given me the confidence in driving and overcoming anything that I initially found difficult. Their teaching methods are really thorough and they teach not only to pass your test but for lifelong safe driving. They make driving lessons fun and enjoyable too! Highly recommended. Thanks Ken and Sham. Weekends without driving lessons aren’t the same!!


Driving lessons

Amazing driving instructor couldn’t have any better one. Makes driving so simple and so easy. The most important thing is that one you pass the exam you will be safe on the road as Ken will teach you how to drive safely.


Excellent Driving Lessons

Ken Wilson taught me to drive and as a result I passed first time with only 2 minors. He teaches you to pass your test as well as teaching you to drive confidently so when you have passed you’re comfortable being unsupervised. He was not only a great instructor but a great person to get along with which made the experience even more enjoyable. I couldn’t have had a better instructor!


Driving lessons

Ken Wilson, genesis driving – can not sing this mans praise highly enough, great man and a great instructor, passed my test first time with just three minors and that was all down to ken. Makes everything clear and simple and leaves no stone unturned, I’ve only ever had one driving instructor but you only need one when its ken.


Thank you Genesis Driving Academy

Thanks to Sham at Genesis driving academy I passed my license first time! Sham is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and thorough in his teaching! Definitely recommend this driving academy to all who are in search of a driving school! Thanks again Sham! Candice Meyer


Driving lessons

I have decided to take lesson with Genesis as I wasn’t happy with a Polish instructor from Alesbury.Thank you Genesis especially Ken, he has tought me how to properly drive and had great patience and how to drive safely. Made everything so simple and without stress.

I have successfully passed my exam with Genesis. Once again I would highly recommend him for anyone.


Best driving school around!

My driving instructor was thorough, helpful, friendly and most of all patient, couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Very thankful to have chosen Genesis to teach me to drive, would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks Sham and Ken


Passed my test first time

After 8 hours of driving lessons with Red, I decided to change my instructor to Genesis as I wasn’t happy with my progress. I am glad I did it. In the very first few times, Sham, the instructor gave me not only the lessons, but also the confidence. To me that was a very important thing to build on during subsequent lessons. Sham is an experience instructor. He was very particular in every inch, every corner, every little tips that you can’t find in the book. I passed my test with the first attempt. Very happy with my learning experience and would recommended to anyone.


A very good and pleasant driving instructor

I took three double lessons with Ken in order to get a UK driving license after my foreign one expired. The lessons were very effective and felt like the right amount. I ended up passing on the first test. Definitely recommended.


Passed at last!

Ken is fantastic, I spent two days with him and he had me ready for a test at lunchtime on the second day, which I passed with two minors. I’d had a lot of practice, but not professional instruction, and had picked up a lot of bad habits.

I’d booked a test a long way from Bicester, as there was a long wait for both Oxford and Banbury test centres, but Ken kindly agreed to take me there, helped me get familiar with the roads and gave me the guidance I needed to pass. He’s got a really relaxed manner, but he notices everything you’re doing, and corrects every single error, and that’s how he got me ready so quickly. I’d recommend him for anyone, beginner or experienced.


Highly recommend!

Very good humoured, relaxed and endless patience!!!! I have recently passed my test after only 6 months driving with Ken, under his instructions I was able to overcome feeling highly anxious on roundabouts and driving above 40 (Shaking and feeling sick!) However, after a very short period of lessons and due to kens great way of teaching I was confident and capable to pass my driving test first time, with only 2 minors I highly recommend Ken as your driving instructor!


Passing my Test with Genesis.

I would just like to praise Genesis driving and my instructor Ken for teaching me all I needed to know and for getting me my confidence to be able to pass my test first time. His knowledge is second to none and an absolute pleasure to have been taught by him. He was so easy to organise lessons with and very flexible, I will miss our chats. Thanks again Ken.


This is the one!!

I cant praise Genesis and my Driving instructor Ken enough, the lessons were easy to arrange, the lessons were easy going and his experience is second to none. He gave me all the skills i needed to feel confident behind the wheel and subsequently pass my test first time. Thanks so much

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